What are LEDs?

LEDs are light emitting diodes. These are electronic components that convert electrical energy directly to light through the movement of electrons within the material of the diode. LEDs are important because due to their efficiency and low energy, they are beginning to replace most conventional light sources.

Which option is better, HPS or LEDs?

Both options have merit. There are pros and cons of each. However, unless you are growing in frigid temperatures, you’re better off using LED lights. There are simply more advantages. LED lights offer long-term savings, energy efficiency, and do not require extra equipment. While the upfront cost of LED lights does tend to be higher than HPS lights – you may be shocked by just how affordable high quality options have become. The market has expanded enough that you’ll find a wide variety of options available. With the long-term savings, investing in a quality LED lighting system is the way to go. Whether you need LED lights for a large-scale grow or small operation, we have something to fit your needs!

What is PPFD?

PPFD is Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density which means the measurement of PAR delivered to a specific area. It’s expressed as micromole-per-meter squared-per second (μmol/㎡/s). This is the only measurement that informs us of the amount of light being delivered to a crop which enables photosynthesis. SGL shares the PPFD map for the MB series indoor horticulture light, it’s a factor that judging the output of a light fixture.

What is the MOQ of your product?

SGL offers a quotation with MOQ of 100pcs, however, in order to meet the demand of testing our product, we also support small sample orders with quantity below 100pcs.

What is your payment terms and lead time?

We accept T/T, West Union and Paypal for small orders. Lead time for samples is 3-7 working days, and for volume order is 10-30 working days.

Why should I choose Sungrow LED products?

Sungrow LED has over 14 years experience in led lighting. Our led lights have outstanding structure design, and use first-class LEDs + drivers + core components. We have very strict quality management system to keep extremely low failure rate, lower than other suppliers.

Can I have my company logo print on the lights?

Yes, we support customized order with the quantity above 100, we can laser print / silk print your company logo and item No. on the lights for free, even customized the color of the light fixture for your market.

How do you keep your warranty?

We give 3 years warranty for all lights, expect the UV/IR diode of 1 years warranty. Within the warranty period, we can send you replacement light / accessory for free, not caused by human-made misoperation. Longer warranty such as 10 years is also negotiable in our company.

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